Thursday, April 3, 2014

Florida vacation photo dump

Within 36 hours of returning from vacation, I had to deal with a puking toddler, a sick husband, and a baby whose first tooth broke through and didn't want to be put down. Due to all that, I don't have the energy to do the nice blog post I had planned. Instead you can deal with looking at a bunch of photos and make up your own story about my trip. 

The Beach 

Ella very happily digging in the sand

Such a little beach bum

Marian not to sure what to think.
Side note: if your child eats sand, it will come out the other end and be as nasty as it sounds

Attempt #56874387 to get them both looking at the camera at the same time

....and again

Close enough

Visit to Charleston: 

Coloring at lunch with Great-Grams

Great-Grams and Marian

Marian with both her great-grandparents

Ella getting the stink-eye from her great-grandparents because she was being a little stinker

At the South Carolina aquarium-looking up at the big wall of fish

Playing with the stuffed sea turtle instead of looking at the real one in front of her

My grandmother, my cousin Emmy, and Ella

Our best attempt at getting both girls in the picture. Marian was asleep

Actual proof that I go places, since I'm usually the one behind the camera

Taking a break to play around

Looking at some sort of snake or lizard

Playing together

Ella being wild, per usual

Watching "Heidi" with Grams, one of my grandmother's favorite movies. I have fond memories of watching it with her as a little kid

No idea what Marian is doing, but she's happy

My grandfather was so happy to meet her

Ella getting swung around by my Aunt Denise

Just handing out

Back to Jacksonville: 

Marian at the playground

At the zoo with Jenny and Michael

Marian very content snuggling with her Grandpap

Ella and Grandmama at lunch

Testing out a swing

Marian at this neat indoor play space called Bay and Bee. 

Ella pretending to be asleep in the baby bouncer

One of the many times we went out for ice cream

"I do it BY MYSELF!"

Stopped while taking a walk on the beach

Ella wearing a color-changing shirt

Taking a ride on the sea turtle. We have to stop and see this thing every time else Ella has a fit. Marian, of course, is asleep 

Taking a ride the best way possible

Future blackmail photo: trying to strip while at lunch. The restaurant had a neat little sand pit for the kids to play in. 

We ran into the Batmobile

Overall, the word I would use to describe the trip is "bittersweet." My grandmother has terminal cancer, and I don't know if I'll ever get to see her again. I was beyond happy to be able to spend some time visiting with her and get to introduce her to Marian.

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