Thursday, April 3, 2014

The pit of despair

Today, we are getting our very own pit of despair installed.

Sadly, it doesn't look like this:

Albino monk sold separately

It's actually just a boring tornado shelter. But obviously it's a lot more fun to call it the pit of despair.

Considering the time we've had so far today, I think my naming is pretty apt. The guys ended up hitting a water line while they were digging. Can I pause and ask, who the hell puts a water line under the garage? Because, ya know, if something ever happened to said water line, wouldn't it be vastly preferable to dig through grass instead of through concrete? The hitting of the water line meant that, along with having no water all morning long, we have to pay the plumber AND will have to pay the shelter guys overtime. Ugh.

Hopefully the pit of despair will be complete soon. And here's hoping we don't ever have to use the thing for anything other than storing beer.

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