Sunday, July 13, 2014

9 month update

Baby girl is 3/4 of a year old already. Here's what she's been up to this past month:

Weight: 17lb 9oz

Height: 27 1/2 inches

Teeth: 4. Both upper central incisors broke finally broke through. Now maybe a brief hiatus before we resume teething hell.

Diapers: The only thing of note here is that since she is eating tons of solid foods, we are able to go a bit longer between diaper changes. Now if only both kids were potty trained...

Clothes: Mix of 9m and 12m, depending on the brand.

Sleep: Most of the time she's going off to bed a bit later at night, though we can't do any later than 7 else it is meltdown city around here. Usually she's in bed by 6:30-6:45. Still up most nights for one feeding, though since vacation this totally ranges in time. It's super nice when she gets up to nurse right before 6 then goes back down for another hour or two. Still two naps a day. Please never ever ever give up both naps, kiddo!

Food: We've been given the green light by the pediatrician to try any sort of food except honey. Besides that, she's tried everything besides nut products. I ought to give her some because it's inevitable that Ella will try to give her sister some eventually. In fact, it's a miracle we've made it this long without that happening. Marian still nurses like a newborn- most days it's at least a dozen times a day. Which is getting very old. I love nursing and by no means am I ready to give it up (because then I probably couldn't eat ice cream every day). I am, however, ready for her to cut back a bit. Ella naturally cut back when she started eating solid foods so having a little remora fish constantly wanting to nurse is new to me. I know a lot of it is for comfort. She'll bonk her head and the only thing that will calm her is to nurse. I don't know what I'm going to do to get her to cut back a bit. In all honesty I'm not going to do anything until after we are done traveling for the summer, at which point she'll be almost 10 months and maybe will have cut down a bit on her own.

Words: Bye bye, dog, down, and up all entered her vocabulary this month. Of course not perfect pronunciations, but she says the same thing consistently. Yesterday as I was leaving to go to the grocery store Jim heard her say, "Bye bye Mama."

Milestones: She waves hi and bye. Lots and lots of cruising with many attempts at walking, but she's not quite there yet. She can manage one step then trips on the second. Recently she discovered how to hold a toy in her mouth so as to have both hands free to crawl or cruise. She can stand up on her own for almost a minute at a time. She now gives kisses- open mouth slobbery kisses but kisses nonetheless and sometimes will make a kissy noise at me.

Miscellaneous: Marian is quite the little stinkerpot and has started doing things to purposefully annoy her sister. When we were on vacation and they were next to each other in the car, Marian would sneak her leg over onto Ella's lap- prompting lots of cries of, "MOM! She's kicking me! Keep you feet to youself!" as Marian giggled. At the same time, Marian wants nothing more than to play with her sister and gets so upset when Ella doesn't want to play. Ah, the joys of siblings.

Other things that interest her: dumping things out (blocks, box of clothespins, opening drawers and ripping things out at lightning speed), singing songs with motions (i.e. If you're happy and you know it), and being a little mountain goat and climbing onto everything.

Taking out tupperware

Playing with her shadow

Mommy & Marian selfie at the lake

Going tubing

We're back!

Between getting ready for vacation, being on vacation, and then recovering from vacation I haven't had much time or inclination to blog. Now I've reached the point where I have given up on getting things cleaned and organized before we leave on our road trip and my new plan is to simply toss new stuff on top of the old stuff in the suitcase. It will be fun. Suitcase stratigraphy. (Okay, if you really know me then you know this is my stated plan and in actuality there will be a freakout and extensive organizing before we depart.)

Here's what we've been up to:

After a horrendous trip where I had to pretend to Ella that we got on the first plan "for practice" (weather, then mechanical issues, then a cancellation), we spent a couple of days in Jim's home town. Swimming in the pool, resting up, and eating my favorite ice cream ever. Probably good for my ass that I have to travel 1000 miles to get it.

Marian got her first taste of ice cream 

I think she was a fan too

Then it was off to Cape Cod, where we did a whole lot of nothing. Well, the kids did some of this:

Her beloved yellow float. She hasn't been in it since she was 8 months old yet it was like they had never been parted. 

And this: 

Floats x2

Of course, I had to get in on the action:

Such a rough life

We did take a break from bumming around on floats to try and catch fish.

Quite possibly my new favorite picture

Catching minnows

Then after all that hard work, we had to lounge around some more.

Marian finally got a turn in the baby float

Naturally, there were lobsters. And naturally, we had to play with our food first.

The one on the right was quite the beast. Pulled off its own leg. 

Stuffed full of yummy seafood, it was onto sailing the seas. Marian was quite the fan of the life jacket. Not.

This is about as happy as she got on the boat

It was a wonderful vacation and it made me wish we lived closer so we could visit more often. Until next time...

A rare moment without the kids

Being sweet together. Or possibly pushing Marian around with the thought that if she helped, Marian would be done with her turn sooner

Ah, if only she could paddle me around