Friday, January 10, 2014

3 month update

Here's what's been going on with Marian in the past month:

Weight: According to the scale at the La Leche League meeting, she was up to 13.5 lbs. This kid is seriously going to be bigger than her sister in a few more months.

Height: I'm guessing around 23 inches? She's sleeping right now so I'll update once she's awake.

Diapers: Nothing new on that front. Still cloth during the day, disposables at night. We probably could switch her to cloth at night but then I'd have half a box of random diapers sitting around my house until the next baby comes along.

Clothes: Mostly 3-6 months. It seemed like she outgrew the 0-3 months literally overnight. One evening I spent a good 15 minutes trying on various onesies/pajamas until I found something that fit. The kid wears some clothes that didn't fit Ella until she was 6 months old.

Sleep: I'm going to jinx myself here. Most nights Marian has been sleeping from around 9:30-6ish. I know the 4-month sleep regression is right around the corner so I am savoring every minute of sleep I get.

Feedings: Some days they are spaced out a little bit longer- every 3 hours instead of 2. Other days it feels like I am feeding her constantly. Around Christmas she did take a bottle for the first time, which was a huge step for her.

Milestones: Lots of baby giggles and random cute baby noises. She's started to reach for toys.

Miscellaneous: Remember how I said she was a lot calmer and more laid back than Ella? Yeah, not so much any more. Marian tries to jump and stand up (obviously only if you are holding her under her armpits), constantly kicks her feet, has squirmed her way half out of the swing, turns herself 180 degrees in the pack and play, and has catapulted herself off the boppy in pursuit of toys Ella has stolen. Something tells me my days of having only one mobile child are coming to a close.

Just hanging out 

Reaching for her toy

"What do you mean I'm not a newborn anymore?!"

Giving the stink eye to her Christmas presents

All smiles

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First day of school

Well, not exactly school- mom's day out. But Ella has a book called "Curious George's First Day of School" and she gets to bring a lunch box so we've been calling it school instead of "Glorified Daycare" or "Saving Mama's Sanity and Liver."

I was a little worried about how she would do this morning. We had a brief moment while getting ready where she hid under the covers on my bed and said she wanted to stay home (mainly because she realized Marian wasn't going to be there with her). Then I reminded her she got to bring her nifty new lunch box and she was excited again.

When I dropped her off she insisted on walking in by herself. She gave her lunch to the teacher, took one look back at me and said, "Hug kiss bye mama I eat lunch with new friends!" before running off to play. When I left she was busy bossing the other kids around. Something tells me she'll do fine.

I pity her teacher at nap time though. Poor woman has no idea what's going to hit her.

I have all my errands done and am going to enjoy my remaining 3 hours and 45 minutes of toddler-free time.

 Busy meticulously unpacking the lunch I had just packed