Monday, February 10, 2014

4 month update

I can't believe I haven't done a blog post since Marian's 3 month update. Oh well. Life has been busy. We've had family out to visit, Ella has been running me ragged (per usual), Marian is going through a sleep regression, and I got suckered into being a committee member for the school auction gala. Soooo, not a lot of free time for blogging.

Weight: 14 lb 2 oz (70%)

Height: 25 inches (90%)

Diapers: We had moved entirely to cloth, even at night. Then she had to be on antibiotics for five days (more on that in a different post) and was entirely in disposables because of the lovely antibiotic poop. Today is the first day she's off the antibiotic and I'm keeping her in sposies for today to make sure everything is out of her system.

Clothes: Big girl is already in 6-9 month clothes! When she was born I was so excited because I would get to reuse all of Ella's clothes and would be able to save a ton of money. Well, she is a lot taller than Ella was at the same age so I had to go out and buy her some winter clothes, as all of our 6-9 month clothes were summery.

Sleep: She hit the dreaded 4 month wakeful period hard. And I mean REALLY hard. Some nights we are up 5+ times a night. It's like having a newborn all over again. On the days when she nurses a ton during the day and doesn't have her naps sabotaged by her sister, she sleeps fairly well at night.

Feedings: Going along with the crap sleep is the crap eating. She doesn't want to nurse a ton during the day because everything is way more interesting. Big sister running around like crazy? Super fun to watch. Mama's boobs? Eh, not so much. Some times I can get her to nurse under a cover and then she'll do a good feed. But mostly she'll eat for long enough for me to get a let-down, pop off, and either scream or watch what Ella's doing while I deal with Mt. Vesuvius boob spraying everywhere. Fun. Then at 2am I get the "YOU NEVER FEED ME!!!!" cry.

Milestones: Marian rolled over from back to belly for the first time on January 19. The best part about it was she did it in front of my entire family. She also can frog sit.

Miscellaneous: Right now she is very into peekaboo, "running" with her legs, getting tickled under her chin, and cuddling with/attempting to eat her toys.

Rocking some undies, courtesy of her big sister

Snuggling in bed together

At her baptism

Another photo from her baptism. Poor kiddo had her first cold and was all snuffly and miserable, AND had to get water dumped on her head. 

Hanging out by the pool with her Aunt Cait 

Showing off her awesome frog sitting skills

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  1. That picture of Ella and Marian makes me excited to have two kids. Thanks for posting it and giving me hope! ;)