Thursday, August 1, 2013

These are too sweet not to share

Ella loves giving hugs and kisses to "mama's belly baby" so last night we tried to get a few shots of her in action. I love that she is so affectionate with her little brother or sister already, although I do wish that she would stop trying to pull up my shirt or dress in public. I wonder if she is going to be super confused in a few weeks when the baby is actually here and we have to stop referring to Schrodinger as "the baby in mama's belly."  

One sweet story about her love for the baby: When I went to check on her last night, she popped up in her crib and immediately asked after Baby. I thought at first she wanted her baby doll, until she pulled up my shirt to give one more hug and kiss to Schrodinger before settling in for the night. Let's hope she is just as affectionate and loving when Schrodinger actually arrives! 

Snuggling on the couch. I swear I own other clothes! 

Big hug for the baby

Mama's belly makes the best pillow

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