Friday, October 17, 2014

12 month update

Stats: 19lb 3oz and 29.5 inches

Clothes: 12-18 month. Although I accidentally grabbed a pair of 2T pants this week and they pretty much fit her...

Teeth: Three more teeth broke through in the course of a week, with the fourth lateral incisor being a bastard hanging out right underneath the gum. I'm sure those teeth are partly to blame for the crap sleeping. If you are counting, that brings the tooth tally up to 7.

Sleep: Sigh. Still not sleeping through the night. Sleep training has commenced but we are still in the thick of battle.

Food: Nothing new here. Still eats a ton, still nurses a ton. I'm hoping that in the next few months she will consolidate some of her nursing sessions. Five times a day sounds reasonable, right?

Words: She's up to about 30 words now, which I think is pretty darn good for a one year old. Right now she's really into talking about "car car" and "go" which may be her way of saying, "Mom, you're super boring, please take me somewhere that has new and exciting toys for me to put in my mouth." (If you couldn't tell, she's still into putting everything in her mouth. I wouldn't be shocked if her first full sentence is, "Take that out of your mouth.")

Milestones: Oooh, a fun one! She's started following directions. Naturally they have to be very simple ("Come over to the changing pad" or "Bring that to Mommy") and naturally she has to be in the mood to obey instead of shaking her head no and running away. She's also become quite interested in putting things in baskets and taking them back out which I sort of remember from some parenting book means something. Or maybe I'm making that up. Marian, if you would sleep through the night I would know for sure. 

Miscellaneous: She briefly showed interest in coloring with a crayon vs. eating it. Baby steps, right?

A rare moment sleeping in my lap

Opening presents at her birthday party

"What is this sugary goodness that you people have been withholding from me?!"

Little diva knew she was the center of attention 

Who doesn't love a messy toddler? 

By far her favorite present- a spatula (thanks Nana!). Perfect for teething and whacking her sister

Opening presents with big sister

Her favorite part of her birthday- being told to rip paper up and getting to play with ribbon

Ella not-so-patiently waiting for Marian to open her present

Nom nom nom 

So there you have it. Twelve months of babyhood. From here on out I'm going to switch to posting sporadic updates, probably with a more thorough update around 18 months. Partially because I'm lazy (sorry kids- there will be no calendars full of your daily cuteness for you to discover later in life) and partially because after a while there's not quite as many changes on a monthly basis. And it would never, ever, have anything to do with opting for a cup of coffee over blogging or needing to keep the kids from pelting each other with toys. Never.

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