Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pumpkin patch

You know you live in BFE when a visit to your local pumpkin patch involves driving a few miles out of town and going to someone's backyard (I can't make this stuff up). It probably was for the best because I'm not up yet to dealing with a huge commercial pumpkin farm, and because it was free, I didn't feel bad about not staying overly long. Ella had a fun time looking at all the pumpkins, although I suspect the appeal was more in that we had read about Curious George visiting a pumpkin patch. Marian was less than impressed. 

Family photo. Best of multiple attempts. 

Ella was fascinated with the bumpy pumpkins

Little pumpkin with the pumpkins

Love the mischievous look on her face 

Not quite sure what I was doing here but thought it ended up being a sweet picture

Unfortunately our nice family morning ended up with Ella puking all over her crib during her nap. I would rather deal with any other form of illness than puke. I thought we were going to have a massive meltdown at bedtime because all her stuffed animals are now in the wash. Not a peep about her stuffed animals, which is how I know she must really feel crummy. She did, however, try to tuck her little pumpkin into bed.

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  1. So sorry to hear that Ella was sick! Hope it's just a quick bug that does NOT make its way around the house...