Saturday, November 2, 2013


In true nerd fashion, we all dressed up as characters from Doctor Who. Pretty sure the girls are going to hate me when they are older. I figure I only get a few Halloweens where I can force them into whatever costume I pick. Ella was a very crabby TARDIS, Marian was a sleepy Melody Pond, Jim was the Eleventh Doctor, and I was Amy Pond.

Marian as baby Melody Pond. Mainly I decorated her stroller since I didn't think she would be particularly agreeable to wearing a costume this year. 

Very cranky TARDIS

No smile so I settled for a glare

Slightly happier after trick-or-treating

The Doctor and the TARDIS
Ella was not overly thrilled with Halloween at first. Before we went out, she had a bit of a temper tantrum because 1. She had decided to use her nap time to strip naked instead of sleep 2. Marian got to be in the stroller and Ella had to *gasp* walk (yes, go ahead and call child protective services on me) 3. I dared to try and take pictures of her 4. It was incomprehensible to a toddler that the huge bowl of candy sitting out on the counter was not for her consumption. 

After we actually got out of the house she got into the swing of things pretty quickly. She still didn't understand why we weren't going into any of the houses and kept on trying to go inside. We made it to a fair number of houses before both girls decided they were done. Possibly the best part of trick-or-treating with a toddler is we were home in time for me to go through her candy, take out all the stuff we don't like, and then hand it out to all the unsuspecting children who stopped at our door. 

Hopefully all my readers (you know, both of you) had a great Halloween too!

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  1. Ella's costume is SO adorable! I am so impressed at your costume-making abilities.

    I completely got the cranky child thing too. I won't call CPS on you if you don't call CPS on me because I ate a piece of candy in front of my toddler, who then had an epic meltdown in the middle of the street. I had to sling her over my shoulder and trek across two lawns back home.

    The joys of toddlerhood...