Monday, March 25, 2013

Ella's first hockey game

One of the things we've been waiting to do her entire life has been to take Ella to a hockey game. But between job interviews and moving, it's one of those things that we kept putting on the back burner. Or we'd think about it and there wouldn't be a home game that weekend, or the games would be past her bedtime.

This Sunday was the very last game of the Tulsa Oilers' season, and fortuitously, it was an afternoon game. We decided even though it meant getting her up from her nap early and mama having to forego much of her afternoon nap, we'd go.

I'm so glad we did, because she had a blast. We got to sit close to the ice and where the players come out (one of the perks of it being extremely minor league hockey), and had a row to ourselves so she could play around a bit. She got to see the mascot guy without the creepy costume head on, which is a good thing because she is terrified of people in costumes. And she got a free cookie from the guy at the concession stand- not exactly part of her mommy-approved diet but it was hard to say no when it was already in hand.

Going to the hockey game confirmed my belief that toddlers are inherently violent little creatures. Her favorite part (besides the chocolate chip cookie) was seeing the hockey players bash each other into the glass and get into a fight. Jim thinks she liked it because the crowd got so worked up. I think she liked it because they were doing one of her current favorite activities- hitting.

Of course now this complicates the whole "no hitting" rule. Because if hockey players get to hit, why shouldn't toddlers?

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