Wednesday, August 20, 2014

10 month update

Super duper late and more like 10.5 months. Here's what the crazy baby has been up to in the past month:

Stats: Somewhere around 18lbs and 28 inches. Hey, you try measuring a moving target and see how precise you are.

Teeth: Still 4

Diapers: I'm very happy to report that she pooped on the potty. Total fluke situation where Jim caught her about to go and placed her on there to avoid having to clean a diaper. One small step toward potty training. By my estimate we have at least 3000 more diaper changes until that magical day.

Sleep: Even though I know I'm going to jinx it I'm saying it- she now has slept through the night a few times. Meaning she is entirely capable of it and doesn't really need to nurse in the middle of the night. She gets until October 6 to be up partying at all hours and then the harsh reality of sleep training is going to set in.

Food: Still an eating machine, although the nursing has dropped down a bit to maybe 10 times a day. Three solid meals a day. Pretty sure she eats way more than her big sister.

Words: New words include naners (banana), ah (yeah), mo (more), all-da (all done), and my absolute favorite, NO! Always said quite emphatically. Because it's way more fun if both kids are screaming, "NO NO NO!" at the top of their lungs.

Milestones: Full on walking. While we were on vacation she would take up to a dozen steps at a time but didn't seem inclined to do much more. Now that we're home, with the dogs to chase around, she toddles after them as fast as her little legs can go. Poor, long suffering dogs! She also thinks it is absolutely hilarious to stand up in the middle of a diaper change and run off with the (thankfully) clean diaper- usually with Ella chasing after her yelling, "Bare bottomed girl! Bare bottomed girl!"

Another milestone that's not quite as exciting as walking but cute nonetheless- clapping her hands. She'll sit there and clap her hands along to music or when she's feeling particularly pleased with herself.

Miscellaneous: She has started in on the Big Emotions of the toddler years. On the down side, this means throwing herself down on the floor shrieking when she doesn't get her way. On the bright side, this means toddling over to give us hugs and slobbery baby kisses. Heart melted.

The "I'm doing something I know I'm not supposed to be doing" look

Cruising around the back yard

We start them young. No reprieve on chores even for the baby. 

Lost in thought. Or, more accurately, wondering how much grass she can eat without me noticing.

Playing with one of her best buddies

Being a holy terror and ripping things off the shelves

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  1. Marian is so stinkin' cute! I can't wait to for BIT to get a little older and we can get the four girls together for some chaos/fun!