Friday, May 23, 2014

Quick garden update

Things are growing! Some a lot better than others. 

Here's the herb garden plus garlic. We let Ella plant a whole bunch of the seeds. You would never know, right? 

Some of our veggies are doing better than others. The spinach and radishes are doing amazing. I actually harvested a whole bunch of radishes after this picture was taken. Sadly, our broccoli had an unfortunate meeting with the toddler ("Here you go Mama. I pick BIG WEEDS for you!"). Right now it is still limping along. 

During my visit to Raleigh Jim decided to put in another bed. We have a few more tomatoes, peppers, and some extra onions in here. The chili pepper plants actually have some small peppers growing. Ella planted some pepper seeds which may have sprouted. Or they may be weeds. Too small yet to tell, although she insists they are her pepper seeds. Hopefully she's right! 

There's a whole bunch of stuff growing in the rock garden bed- onions, beans, carrots, peas, corn, artichokes, and I *think* some squash (next year we are labeling). And of course, weeds. Pesky little buggers.

We also got a pleasant surprise- raspberries! We planted both early and late varieties of berries and weren't expecting to get much of anything this year. Then these little guys appeared.

In other garden surprises- we have a family of robins! Ella found one of their eggshells yesterday and although we saw the nest, we couldn't spot any baby birds. The babies decided to put in an appearance this morning while the kids were playing on the swing set. I guess they got used to the racket and decided to peek out. We even got to see the mommy and daddy robins bringing them worms. 

Perched on our roof with a worm in hand- er, in beak

Feeding the babies

Yummy worms

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