Monday, October 8, 2012

Trying to stay organized

I often have no clue how other people keep their houses clean. It seems like no matter what I do, it ends up being a wreck. Of course, there could be an obvious explanation....

I don't think it got this way on its own. And this is on a good day.
Anyone with a halfway-decent looking house is (a) lying, (b) has a maid, or (c) does not have a child. Those are the only logical answers.

Usually what happens in my house is something like this: 

1. Vow that I will not let housekeeping get on top of me. 

2. Start off strong. Dust, pick up the kitchen, sweep the floors. Bring out the vacuum. The baby starts screaming because the vacuum is the absolute most terrifying thing in the world. Put the vacuum away and try to explain, once again, that even though the vacuum makes a loud noise, it will not eat her. Resign myself to not vacuuming until Jim can take her out somewhere. 

3. Work on cleaning up the kitchen. It actually looks somewhat decent. Feed the baby. Well, it did look somewhat decent. Husband offers to cook dinner. Yay! Sit down with a glass of wine. Eat delicious dinner husband prepared. Walk into kitchen. Have this go through my mind:

*Sigh* Tell myself I will deal with it later.

4. Think about cleaning the bathroom. Walk into bathroom. Remember how much I dislike cleaning the bathroom. Walk out of bathroom. 

5. We have company coming over. Panic. How the heck did my house get to look so bad? Spend half the day furiously cleaning. Have company over, tidy up, go off to bed, and vow that I will not let the housekeeping get on top of me. 

So in an attempt to keep up with everything, I am implementing a housekeeping schedule. Here is what I have planned out: 

Daily Upkeep
Make beds
10 minute tidy- 3x/day
Wipe down counters
Sweep kitchen floor
Laundry as needed
Bathrooms- Wash the floor and shower, clean toilets, check shower liner, wipe down mirrors and counters
Bedrooms- change bedding, wash sheets, organize clothing. Vacuum the floor and clean windows and mirrors
Kitchen- Organize pantry, clean out refrigerator, wipe down appliances
Grocery shopping/errands- Plan meals for the week, get food/cleaning supplies as needed
Floors/Dusting- Dust, including all knick-knacks, blinds, surfaces. Vacuum, including baseboards
Outside work- mow the lawn, rake leaves, tend to garden
Any miscellaneous projects for the week
Garbage night- Empty garbage bins, take trash and recycling to the curb

Hopefully by breaking everything down into chunks that can be accomplished during the little mayhem machine's naps, I can get keep on top of things. I'll see if this actually work and what modifications are needed. 

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